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Membership Registration
Registration in United States Masters Swimming and Inland Northwest Masters Swimming is based upon a calendar year (not from the time you register). We also offer Junior (18-24) and Senior (60+) discounts for the annual registration.  The registration period for each calendar year starts on November 1, with memberships expiring on December 31 of the following year (14 months).

Late Year Registration
For those who would like to join  in September or October in any year, we offer a late year registration. This membership expires in December, as do all memberships in United States Masters Swimming. Depending upon when you join will determine if you will receive the final copy of Swimmer Magazine or not. Late year members will receive the most recent issue of the Splashmaster newsletter.

Late Year Plus Registration (Online Only)
You can register in September and October for the current year and the following year. The fee is reduced, saving you money.

Coach Only Registration Add On (Online Only)
For an additional fee, you can be recognized as a USMS coach.

One Event Registration (at specific meets and clinics)
At meets and clinics that advertise a one event registration option, you can register as a master swimmer for the event only for a reduced fee. One event registration is for event insurance purposes only, and does not allow you to receive any other benefits of joining USMS, including the periodicals, access to the online workouts, or recognition of any records such as top 10, local, national or world records.

Your USMS/Inland Northwest Masters Membership Inlcudes:

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