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1.0  Purpose
To promote fitness and health in Inland Northwest adults by offering and supporting Masters swimming programs.

2.0  Membership

2.1 Individual Membership:  Membership is open to all men and women 18 years of age and older.

2.2 Team Membership:  Any duly registered IWMSC swimmer may swim for the team of his/her choice.  However, in order to be 1) represented on the IWMSC board and 2) accumulate team points for meet and annual team trophies, such a team must 1) apply for recognition as a team to the IWMSC Registrar on an annual basis and 2) submit an annual fee, determined by the Board of Managers, upon application to cover the costs of services rendered by the IWMSC to each team. 

3.0  Board of Managers

3.1 Membership of the Board of Managers:  The Board of Managers shall consist of the Chair, Immediate Past Chair, Vice‑Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar, plus one representative from each eligible local club and each team within the regional club duly registered and the Chair of each standing committee.

3.2 Duties of the Board of Managers:  The Board shall be responsible for: determining the direction and focus of the organization; executing the fiscal expenditures of the organization; determining the yearly meet schedule; conducting the business of the organization on behalf of its members; and publishing its newsletter.  The Board shall also establish those standing and special committees it requires to conduct the organization's business.

3.3 Board of Managers Meetings:  Regular meetings shall be held at IWMSC swim meets.  The site and time of each meeting shall be determined at the previous meeting.  The IWMSC Chair will notify all board members of any changes in the site and/or time at least 7 days prior to the scheduled meeting if possible.

3.4 Voting:  Each member of the Board of Managers will have one vote on each issue.  Unless otherwise stated in the By‑Laws or Constitution, a quorum will be one-third (33%) of the recognized members, and a simple majority of any quorum will decide the action on an issue.  In the case of a tie, the issue shall be considered defeated.

3.5 Rules of Order:  All meetings of the IWMSC shall be conducted under the current Procedural Rules of Roberts’ Rules of Order.

3.6 Board of Managers Action Without a Meeting:  The IWMSC Chair may occasionally confer between board meetings with the other members on a given situation pertaining to the IWMSC by email, letter, or phone and act according to the consensus of all members of the Board.  Such situations shall not involve expenditures in excess of $25.00 nor policies having major impact on the organization.  Any business done without a meeting must be reviewed at the next Board meeting for inclusion in the official meeting minutes.

4.0  Officers ‑ Elections and Duties

4.1 Terms and Election Method:  The IWMSC Chair, Vice‑Chair, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected by the registered IWMSC membership to a 2-year term.  They shall be voted on by secret ballot with winners determined by a simple majority vote of the members casting ballots.  Elections shall normally be held every 2 years, during odd numbered years.  The 2-year terms shall begin at the conclusion of the IWMSC Short Course Yards Championship meet after elections. 

4.2 Balloting:  The Secretary shall administer and oversee a method of balloting that allows each member of the LMSC one vote for each of the elected offices. Ballots shall be available to the membership four (4) weeks prior to the LMSC Short Course Yards Championship meet. Elections will conclude one week prior to the meet. Interim vacancies in any office shall be filled as stipulated in Article 4.9.

4.3 Nominations:  A Nominations Committee consisting of at least 3 members shall be appointed by the Board of Managers by December 1 just prior to each election year.  Current elected IWMSC officers running for office are not eligible to serve on the Nominations Committee.  In addition a notice opening nominations for the election of new IWMSC officers will appear in the last IWMSC newsletter prior to January 1 of that year.  The committee will accept nominations from the membership up until February 1.  Each nomination must meet the following criteria:  1) the nominee must be a duly registered IWMSC member; 2) a petition supporting the nomination of that individual and signed by at least 3 registered IWMSC swimmers must accompany the nomination and 3) written consent from the nominee to run for that office must also be included.  The committee will not accept more than 2 nominees from any one IWMSC team.  If nominations from membership do not produce at least 2 nominees per position, then the Nominations Committee shall nominate two qualified and consenting IWMSC members to each of the four positions.  If the committee is unable to find 2 or more consenting candidates for a position, one candidate shall be offered on the ballot along with a space for a write in candidate for that position. The committee will notify the IWMSC secretary and the newsletter editor of the completed nominations by six weeks prior to the IWMSC Short Course Yards Championship Meet.

4.4 IWMSC Chair:  The IWMSC Chair shall serve as chair at all the Board of Managers Meetings with all the powers delegated to such a person in Roberts' Rules of Order.  The Chair or appointed delegate will represent the IWMSC at all other meetings and will have the authority to vote on behalf of the LMSC at these meetings.  The Chair, with the approval of the board, shall appoint the chairs and members of the standing committees and shall serve as an ex‑officio member of all such committees.  At the start of the Chair’s term, the Chair shall propose to the Board of Managers and the membership a set of goals that the IWMSC should strive to achieve.  It is the responsibility of the Chair to uphold and support the constitution, by‑laws and standing rules and policies of the IWMSC throughout the Chair’s term.

4.5 IWMSC Vice‑Chair:  The IWMSC Vice‑Chair shall work closely with the other officers of the LMSC board and act as a liaison with the team representatives in accomplishing the tasks involved with administering the LMSC.  The Vice-Chair shall assume the duties of the Chair at all meetings and functions that the Chair is unable to attend and shall be a member of the Publicity, PR and Sponsorship Committee.  In addition, the Vice-Chair shall assume any other the responsibilities delegated to the office by the IWMSC Chair.  These responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:  representing the LMSC at regional, zone and national USMS meetings; serving as the Chair on at least one LMSC standing or ad hoc committee and serving as a member or advisor on other committees.  It is the responsibility of the Vice‑Chair to uphold and support the constitution, by‑laws and standing rules and policies of the IWMSC throughout the Vice-Chair’s term.

4.6 IWMSC Secretary:  The IWMSC Secretary shall take a roll call at each Board meeting and take minutes of Board and general membership meetings, retaining a permanent file of those minutes.  In addition, the Secretary shall write a column in each IWMSC newsletter summarizing the previous Board meeting(s) and any significant actions taken.  The Secretary shall work with the IWMSC Chair to notify board members of meetings and proposed changes to the constitution, bylaws and standing rules and policies.  The Secretary or appointed designate shall maintain a current copy of the IWMSC Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules and Policies, noting any changes approved by the Board of Managers and providing a clean copy to Board members as needed.  The Secretary shall also work closely with the Nominations Committee and IWMSC newsletter editor in communicating with the membership about Board and general membership meetings and providing ballots for the election of officers.

4.7 IWMSC Treasurer:  The IWMSC Treasurer shall receive all monies and pay all bills accrued within the normal operations of the LMSC as outlined in its operating budget.  Any unusual expenditures must by approved by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Managers.  The Treasurer shall maintain books detailing the financial transactions of the LMSC and prepare a report (see Standing Rules & Policies 5.8) summarizing those transactions to the Board of Managers on a quarterly basis.  In addition the Treasurer shall serve as a member of the IWMSC Finance Committee.  The Treasurer shall work with the finance committee in preparing an annual budget for the LMSC.  The proposed budget shall be submitted to the Board of Managers for review two weeks prior to the annual budget meeting held in November or December, and shall include expected expenses, revenues and a recommended fee schedule. 

4.8 IWMSC Club and Team Representatives:  Each duly registered local club and each team within the regional club shall be allowed to appoint 1 representative to the Board of Managers.  The name of this representative shall be forwarded to the IWMSC Registrar.  Any correspondence between the LMSC and each club/team shall take place through the designated team representative.  Each representative shall have one (1) vote on each issue voted upon by the Board.  In case the designated representative is unable to attend a Board meeting, each club/team is free to send a substitute representative to that meeting.

4.9 Vacancies of Offices:  Any vacancy of an IWMSC office, with the exception of Chair, shall be filled by appointment by the Board of Managers.  A 2/3 majority of the Board shall be required to ratify that appointment.  A vacancy in the office of Chair shall be filled by the Vice‑Chair.

5.0  IWMSC Standing Committees and Appointed Positions

5.1 General:  Both standing and ad hoc committees shall be established and staffed to carry out various aspects of the IWMSC's business under the direction of the Board of Managers.  Committees shall be chaired by registered IWMSC swimmers, but membership may also include individuals from outside the IWMSC.

5.2 Standing Committees:  IWMSC standing committees shall include, but not be limited to:

    A. Finance Committee:  The Treasurer serves as Chair of the Finance Committee.  The committee makes recommendations to the Board about financial policies including: tax status, appropriate fee schedules and methods of handling financial obligations and maintaining records of the financial dealings of the IWMSC.  The committee will conduct an annual review of revenue and expenses and present a budget proposal to the Board.

    B. Competition, Sanctions and Safety Committee:  The competition committee oversees the conduct of IWMSC competitions, ensuring that all such competitions follow the criteria required by USMS for sanctioning.  The committee shall develop and oversee a competition evaluation process by which IWMSC competitions are evaluated.  The competition committee will coordinate the Inland Northwest Championship meet with the help of the officiating committee.  In addition, the committee shall evaluate various methods, policies and USMS recommendations concerning the conducting of LMSC competitions and make recommendations to the Board of Managers on such.

    C. Top Ten and Records Committee:  The Record Keeper and Top Ten Recorder is/are member(s) of the Top Ten and Records Committee.  The committee oversees the prompt, accurate processing of meet entries, heat sheets and meet results. It maintains and updates all IWMSC records and Top Ten as well as the Northwest Zone Short Course Meters records.  It sees that reports required by USMS are filed in a timely manner.  In addition it encourages and oversees the development and/or acquisition of the computer software needed to perform all the above functions.

    D. Officiating Committee:  Oversees the training and development of IWMSC swimmers and other interested individuals to be officials at IWMSC swim meets.  With the help of the Meets Committee, evaluates the quality of officiating at meets and makes recommendations to the IWMSC Board and membership concerning needs for qualified officials.  Cooperates with USA Swimming and other swimming organizations in the training and provision of qualified, certified officials at IWMSC and Northwest Zone Championship meets.

    E. Publicity/PR and Sponsorship Committee:  Works with local media to increase exposure of Masters swimming by providing information about and encouraging coverage of IWMSC swim meets, activities and outstanding individuals.  Promotes masters swimming to interested groups in the Inland Northwest region. Explores the availability of outside sources of financial assistance to help meet the expenses of the IWMSC, including sponsorship of swim meets, awards and publications.

    F. Newsletter/Historian Committee:  Prepares publications for the IWMSC membership including: meet results; point standings; upcoming meet entry forms; articles of interest; special events and information about the Board of Managers meetings.  The IWMSC newsletter editor shall be the chair of the Newsletter/Historian Committee.

    G. Health and Fitness:  Prepares articles of interest pertaining to health and fitness to the newsletter.  Provides fitness opportunities to the IWMSC membership.

5.3 Special Committees:  Special committees shall be established by the Board of Managers as necessary to conduct the IWMSC business.  These committees are non‑voting and may include but are not limited to:

    A. Nominations

    B. Championship Banquet and Awards

    C. Equipment

    D. Coaches

5.4  Appointed Positions
A.    Registrar:  The IWMSC Registrar is appointed to be responsible for the registration of all Clubs, Teams, and Individual Members in the LMSC as well as keeping the LMSC in compliance with US Masters Swimming reporting regulations. The Registrar shall have a vote on the IWMSC Board of Managers.

6.0  Membership Meetings
There shall be a general membership meeting held annually at the IWMSC Short Course Yards Championship Meet.  The meeting may be separate from, or combined with, the annual awards banquet at the Board of Managers discretion.  Special membership meetings can also be convened by the Board of Managers as required.  All members shall be notified in writing of any such meetings at least 10 days in advance.

7.0 Disputes

7.1 Any individual member of the IWMSC and/or any Club member of the IWMSC may bring a complaint on any matter for which grievances may be heard under Part 4 of the USMS Rule Book. Specifically, complaints may be brought alleging unsporting conduct, defined in Article 402.4 as:

1. Violation of the opportunity to participate, as set forth in Article 401.
2. Discrimination in violation of Article 501.3.
3. Any act of fraud, deception or dishonesty in connection with any USMS related activity.
4. Knowingly providing false information including name, date of birth, age or gender on USMS membership applications or meet entries.
5. Any nonconsensual physical contact, obscene language or gesture, or other threatening language or conduct directed toward meet personnel, in connection with a USMS event.
6. Any nonconsensual sexual conduct, patter of unwelcome sexual advances or other inappropriate sexually oriented behavior or action by a USMS member toward a member or any other person participating in any capacity whatsoever in the affairs or activities of USMS.
7. Any act, conduct or omission that is detrimental to the image or reputation of USMS, an LMSC, or the sport of swimming.
8. Aiding or abetting another to engage in any of the foregoing violations.

7.2 Any member of the IWMSC or eligible individual who disputes actions by an individual or organization associated with IWMSC shall follow the grievance and dispute procedures defined in the IWMSC Standing Rules and Policies.

8.0  Dissolution of the IWMSC

Dissolution of the IWMSC can be affected by a majority vote of the membership acting on a recommendation of 2/3's of the current Board of Managers.

9.0  By‑Laws Amendment

The IWMSC By‑Laws can be amended in accordance with Article Nine of the IWMSC Constitution.  Such an amendment can be proposed by any duly registered IWMSC member(s) or team(s).