USMS Top Ten Awards

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Short Course Meters 2014

Age Group
W18-241500 FreeLana Lawrence4HMS
 1500 FreeKay L Gorzko5HMS
 100 BackLana Lawrence8HMS
 200 BackLana Lawrence8HMS
 200 FlyLana Lawrence7HMS
 400 IMLana Lawrence10HMS
W35-39200 FlyAlex McEnany9HMS
W65-6950 BreastGloria Waggoner10HMS
 200 BreastGloria Waggoner10HMS
 100 FlyCarolyn M Magee9HMS
W70-7450 BackLorna G Henry5HMS
W80-8450 FreeJane M Haase9HMS
 100 FreeMadonna M Buder10WST
 200 FreeMadonna M Buder6WST
 400 FreeMadonna M Buder5WST
M18-24800 FreeCarson Man7CWST
 200 BreastAdam H Daggs8HMS
M25-29400 FreeMatthew L Edde9HMS
 200 FlyBryan Brosious10HMS
M35-39400 FreeJames A Adams7HMS
 800 FreeJames A Adams8HMS
 1500 FreeJames A Adams5HMS
 100 BackRyan Crosby6UC35
 200 FlyJames A Adams6HMS
 400 IMJames A Adams4HMS
M55-5950 BreastMichael L Hamm8HMS
 100 BreastMichael L Hamm7HMS
 200 BreastMichael L Hamm4HMS
M60-641500 FreeLarry B Krauser7HMS
 200 BackLarry B Krauser8HMS
 200 FlyLarry B Krauser9HMS
 400 IMLarry B Krauser9HMS
M65-69100 BackMike Earin8HMS
M75-79200 BreastGlen A Murray7HMS
M80-84400 FreeJack Bevier9HMS
 200 BackJack Bevier3HMS
M85-8950 BackWilliam J Bresko8HMS
 100 BackWilliam J Bresko7HMS
 50 BreastWilliam J Bresko7HMS
 100 BreastWilliam J Bresko7HMS

Long Course Meters 2014

Age Group
M35-39800 FreeJames A Adams9HMS
1500 FreeRichard M Edge3RHM
200 FlyJames A Adams4HMS
400 IMJames A Adams2HMS

Short Course Yards 2014

Age Group
W65-69200 FlyCarolyn M Magee9HMS
400 IMCarolyn M Magee10HMS
W70-7450 BackSuzie Aldrich4UC35
100 BackSuzie Aldrich5UC35
W90-9450 FreeMonte Jean McCalla5HMS
50 FreeJean C Rudolph8HMS
50 BackJean C Rudolph7HMS
100 BackJean C Rudolph3HMS
50 BreastJean C Rudolph5HMS
100 BreastJean C Rudolph4HMS
M35-391650 FreeJames A Adams9HMS
M55-59100 BreastMichael L Hamm5HMS
200 BreastMichael L Hamm5HMS
M80-84500 FreeJack Bevier9HMS
1650 FreeJack Bevier4HMS
50 FlyJack Bevier6HMS
100 FlyJack Bevier4HMS
200 FlyJack Bevier5HMS
200 IMJack Bevier9HMS
400 IMJack Bevier6HMS